About Us
Toplogics provides innovative and comprehensive Technology Solutions to Global enterprises and emerging Internet businesses. Since 2007, from Web Development to Back-End Systems to Application Development we have demonstrated our ability to develop e-Business solutions that enable our clients to generate both new revenue opportunities and streamline existing operational systems.



Our approach is to research your business and the achievements you wish to make, and respond with a professional web site design that will assist you in meeting your goals. This business focused approach has proven to be more successful than a website focused approach, helping your clients do business online, rather than go online and do business.


Your website will be created to a design that we agree on, using harmonious colors and unique template designs. From the brief, we create a range of demo sites for you to view and comment on. Many of clients choose one design from the range, however we will keep working with the designs to create a design that ultimately satisfies your needs. This approach allows us, the web site design firm to demonstrate different options and services available to you, the client.




Our designs are all completely original – we always start with a blank canvas approach. We search the web for competing sites, and review sites you recommend us to review, and compare the content, approach and aesthetics to your brief. Then design work begins, and we add our own unique touches – our innovation, experience and industry knowledge.




All our clients earn a profit of 10% per sale. Send us three clients, or business more than $10,000 and we will up the commission on payment. You can send us the business in any manner – some of our clients have separate web pages that they direct inquiries to, which then detail our services. For example, an accountancy firm advises businesses regarding services they can obtain, and sources to contact – and recommends our site using a series of web pages on it's own site, that are separate from the main website. In this way, they are able to promote our services as part of the service, as opposed to a link that could take new business away from the accounting sections of their website. quick quote….. Click Here